Norman Chance's Last Cigar

A prestine looking cigar that does not burn out or diminish

This cigar is what sent Satan’s Garden up in flames and even though that glorious conflagration has been extinguished this cigar can’t be put out. This Cigar was lit in celebration of good fortune and its owner is never short on that.

Power: The Smoker of this cigar get’s a bonus Red Chip at the beginning of the session; this chip can only be used to up an aptitude roll and cannot be saved between sessions. It can be used on any roll except those involved in avoiding explosions. The Cigar is always lit and provides a source of Fire for its own at all times.


“Satan’s Garden is an area five miles southwest of Deadwood. It was the site of the Chance Venture Mine, one of the biggest ghost rock strikes outside of the Great Maze. The place was owned and operated by Norman Chance and his brother William.”

“One night, after spending some time toasting their good fortune in town, the two siblings decided to pay a visit to the mine. In their polluted state, it didn’t occur to them to fire up the steam powered fans that would suck any accumulated vapors out of the shaft. Norman lit a cigar to celebrate his new found fortune and entered the mine.”

“A tremendous explosion followed,shattering the earth around the mine shaft and exposing a deposit of ghost rock larger than the crispy Chance brothers had ever dreamed possible. The blast ignited the ghost rock, of course, and enormous pillars of flame erupted through the holes torn by the explosion.”

Norman Chance's Last Cigar

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