Witchitaw Slims

Wichitaw Slims is known throughout the continent for his popular parlor games, his face is blazened onto each one ensuring that gambler's throughout the frontier recognize his winnings smile.


Witchitaw Slims carries an array of useful inventions and pharmaceutical brews. His flamethrower was built by hand as a challenge to himself. His wide array of smaller inventions include: two-way talking boxes, A Steam-powered varmit flute and a series of chemical cocktails that solve an array of problems that might come up. He wears a three piece suit that only accentuates his own debonair looks.


Witchitaw Slims is an entrepreneur turned scientist as he found that the gambling machine he built for his bar not only increased his revenue from gambling but also lowered the amount of drunken brawls that damaged and otherwise destroyed his revenue. After patenting his machine and negotiating a slew of licensing agreements to have the machines installed in large towns he used the revenue to fund his education. Only a few months into his tenure did the scientific world experience a huge influx of substantial advances and Witchitaw was well placed to get the most out of his education. After earning his doctorate he spent several years working with Smith and Robards before leaving their firm to work independently.

Witchitaw Slims

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