Conner Westwood

Conner Westwood: The man in the steel coat


Conner wears clothes typical of a ranch-hand under his Ghost-Steel Duster. His weapon of choice is his custom Colt Paterson Model 1836 with S&R Owl-Eye Scope. He carries a small collection of Alchemical potions and is never far from his loyal companion Copper, his brilliant white steed.


Conner Westwood is a nice guy trying to find his way in the west, previously he was a big game hunter and animal hunter, often finding animals that no one else could quite account for. Several years ago he was met with a creature he could not contend with; a homicidal lunatic wearing Conner’s own face. After a slew of murders ruined Conner’s reputation and destroyed his family Conner finally trapped the creature that had done so much harm. Knowing that killing the beast would do no good he trapped it and let it be caught by the local authorities so that he could be hung for the crimes it had committed. Conner was forced to leave his home and family behind after that terrible encounter and regrets it deeply. His self-imposed penance is to travel the frontier alone, save his loyal horse Copper, striving to rid the world of abominations as twisted as the one that ruined his life.

Conner Westwood

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